Trust the chiropractor with curing neck pain

Most people resort to consuming pain killers on suffering moderate or acute pain. In fact, there are no such side effects of pain killer when they are taken once or twice in a long while. However, such people who have chronic pain neck pain should consult the medical practitioner instead of popping self prescribed medicines. The doctor prescribes medicines and this is often for a very long period. These sleep inducing pain killers inflict harm when continued for a greater period and are not without side effects. In most cases they cause addiction and often tolerance. Moreover, these medicines only mask the problems.

More number of research and studies are being taken out to study the effect of chiropractic treatment and it has been found out that chiropractor provides greater relief to pains. A study had been carried out for 12 weeks in 2012 which showed that 55% of people who regularly received chiropractic treatment had their pains reduced by 75%, whereas only 33% of those upon medication found relief. Regular exercises when combined with chiropractic adjustments can offer a faster and better relief than the harmful analgesics.

The research further showed that those who continued going to the chiropractor even after that experienced greater relief whereas those continuing with medication had their dosages increased to obtain the same outcome as before. This indicates a greater harm to the entire body. The chiropractic care consists in reaching to the root-cause of the problem and attempting to fix it instead of masking it like the usual drug therapies.

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