Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Chiropractic Care for SciaticaSciatica is a painful condition that is just as discomforting as the name sounds. It involves the sciatic nerve, which is the largest in the body. This nerve, which runs from the bottom of the spinal cord to the hip and along the thigh, can undergo inflammation in certain conditions which can be a menacing experience for patients. Sciatica is often a cause of severe lower back pain and can greatly damper activities of daily living.

It is really the nerve compression in this area that causes the burning sensations for the patients. Some sufferers describe the sensation as almost electric or like burning. It can be aggravated from things as little as a tiny cough or from activities such as bending or lifting even to the extent that those are done just in the normal course of a day. Thousands of people suffer from sciatica and struggle without many great options. Medications only help cover the pain, are not very effective, can be quite costly (and a hassle to get via the prescription system), and may also come with many unwanted side effects.

One intervention that has shown some promise at combating sciatica is massage therapy. Trained professionals such as chiropractors can help decrease the pain or even remove it (and prevent future cases) by doing certain massage and manipulation techniques which may actually help reduce the inflammation in the lower back and in turn improve function. A chiropractic professional is trained in dealing with nerve pain and the many things that can cause it. They can also help come up with a solution that works holistically and really gives the patient the maximal return for any given intervention.

Beyond massages, chiropractors may be able to offer up other advice that will help reduce issues with sciatica. In particular, hot and cold compresses can help with reducing the inflammation if utilized properly. Furthermore, a chiropractic professional may be able to do certain spinal adjustments which help reduce interference of the sciatic nerve with other parts of the body and in turn reduce the pain signals which travel up to the brain and tell a patient that something is wrong. Sciatica is a very complex and multi-factorial disorder, but chiropractors are well equipped to decipher the various moving parts and to come up with a solution that is right for each individual. If you are suffering from sciatica consider making an appointment with your chiropractor today.

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