I came to Dr Decuypere for severe neck pain. Her treatments have fully handled that. She has just the right touch – not too gentle and not too severe. I am very pleased with my results.

L. T.

What a great surprise! My back is much better – and with a minimum of adjustments. No more pain!

Also, the suggestion for fungus on my toes definitely is making a difference! It was simple but effective, and no drugs. I had tried medicines with no change, and with bad effects on the rest of my body.

It has been a pleasure coming to this office.



Many times I have gone to Dr Decuypere’s office, feeling terrible with something bothering my body, and she fixes me!

Today, I was riding in the car for awhile and my hips and pelvis had shifted, and a lot of things were bothering me and making life rough.

I really didn’t know if she could help because it didn’t really feel like something that would get fixed by “moving bones” in my spine.

But Dr Decuypere found the source of the problem in some deep muscles and associated nerves, fixed them and the whole problem disappeared.

This is the usual thing for her to do. She has helped me many times over the years. One time she discovered that one particular back problem I was having was actually referral from my gall bladder! And, this had been a problem of mine for years.

Whether it is the organs, bones, joints, whatever, she can help fix it!

She’s an awesome Doc, and really knows her stuff.


I have heartburn for many, many years. Although taking Tums had given me temporary relief, it never solved the problem.

Well, it’s been a full week now without Tums, and I am amazed and glad that I really feel I don’t need them anymore.

Dr Decuypere recommended a diet change and the addition of a simple supplement. It’s almost unthinkable to me how simple this is, and that I am very comfortable these days.

Thanks a lot!


One week ago I limped into Dr Decuypere’s office with a walker, and in tremendous pain. The day before, I had visited a medical doctor and after extensive x-rays and blood work, they were unsure of the reason why I was experiencing all my pain.

Today I am pain free. I am able to function normally again thanks to Dr Decuypere. My only regret is that I wish I had come to her first.


A miracle worker!

I have had pain, swelling and discomfort in my feet –tops and bottoms- for over two years.

Podiatrists recommended and sold me inserts for my shoes, and said they had no clue what was causing the problem .

Dr Decuypere saw me and immediately provided relief with her treatment. She really is a miracle worker.

My feet are better. I can walk without aid. I can sleep now because the pain is going away.

Thank you, Dr Decuypere