Nutrients In Fermented Foods Can Be Good For Health

Nutrients In Fermented Foods Can Be Good For HealthFermented foods have much more value than most people realize. These types of foods are actually full of nutrients and allow for the presence of excellent probiotics that assist the body in more ways than one.

Basically, fermentation means that a food is exposed to a series of chemical reactions when exposed to bacteria. The bacteria help to transform the food source to produce vitamins and nutrients in a beneficial way. When you know which fermented foods do what, you’ll have a better chance at dietary selections that benefit one and all.

These foods can help in weight loss. It’s due to the probiotic advantage of such foods. They prevent or remedy inflammation that make it difficult to burn off the excess calories. Not only that, but optimizing the digestive system, nutrients can be more efficiently absorbed. All help in increasing the metabolism and burning excess calories stored as fat.

This goes in tandem with better digestion. Using fermented foods that repair and maintain the digestive system means the body will be extracting the right amounts and types of nutrients, producing the right bacteria that should bring about optimum efficiency in digestion and deployment of essential vitamins and minerals throughout the body.

With any dietary regimen, a healthy outlook is essential. Knowing the various food groups, how they should be selected and prepared gives one a greater advantage regarding the success of one’s health goals. If you’re body building or running track, or even engaging in a good tennis exercise regimen, your dietary choices should include some of the fermented foods available. In some cases you can prepare your own products thus saving money and having the foods prepared to your specifications.

Foods like kefir, a fermented milk product, has high levels of calcium B12, magnesium, and vitamin K2 and more. There’s Kombucha a tasty blend of sugar and black tea. It’s chock full of B vitamins, probiotics, and more. Don’t forget about good old fashioned sauerkraut! This old stand by you can make at home the traditional way. Many people will attest to its nutritional power and is a favorite the world over. Sauerkraut has Vitamins A, B, C, and K, and is a good source of calcium, sodium, iron, and copper and magnesium too. It aids in circulation and in digestion and helps remedy inflammation.

There are many more fermented foods that should be in the repertoire of everyone’s diet. Peruse around and you’ll find many a tasty favorite just waiting for you.

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YOUR workout and the best path to body and mind recovery!

YOUR workout and the best path to body and mind recovery!After a long workout, let alone a long week, your body and mind crave much-needed nutrients that are commonly depleted from your everyday activities and intense workouts!

Take into consideration the value of recommended steps to give your body the energy and nutrients it needs…

Why Whey

Burning the amount of protein that we do on average through a workout not only depletes us of current protein in the body, but also much needed sugars and other very important naturally chemicals, such as Lactoferrin. This is especially important, as it naturally supports the immune system, which can be commonly depleted of strength during a workout as we are burning more than just fats and calories. Consider the value of the healthy fats (and sugars) included in Whey Protein, and whip yourself up a shake!

Eggs inside and out

In a recent study by Dietitian Leah Mark, M.S., C.D.N., C.P.T it’s expressed that although eggs have just 70 calories each, they also include all nine necessary amino acids for muscle (protein) recovery, synthesis, and growth promotion. It has also been found that the yolk on the inside of the Egg is of equal value, as it posses at least 50% of desirable nutrients and proteins. While consuming too much yolk can cause blood and heart problems, cholesterol troubles can be averted and a healthy diet ensued with a controlled daily or bi-daily consumption of eggs.

Sweet potatoes the super food

A recent study by nutritionist Dallas Hartwig, M.S., P.T. shows us that not only do sweet potatoes provide us a reliable source of healthy fats, but also provide glycogen (our bodies natural energy reserves) which restores and balances out sugar intake and control within our bodies. Along with fiber, sweet potatoes provide the necessary amounts of vitamin A and 26 grams of carbs that our bodies can use for energy—equivalent to three days worth!


We receive healthy carbs, healthy fats, and promote muscle repair through the consumption of avocados and it’s nutrients. A statement by sports nutritionist Cynthia Sass, M.P.H., M.A., R.D., C.S.S.D. and author of Slim Down Now demonstrated how consuming avocados regularly provides our body much needed muscle repair nutrients such as Vitamins B, E, and A.

Cherry juice

Muscle damage is expected from intense workouts, and the immune system takes a hit when we push our body to the limits. A recent publishing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine demonstrated that individuals who consumed upwards of 24 Oz of tart cherry juice on a regular basis is contributing around the equivalency of 120 cherries to promote muscle repair, growth, and a strengthened immune system.

Green tea

In addition to Cherry Juice, consider the antioxidants power behind Green Tea, and it’s fat burning, energy boosting elements in adding it to your diet. Hot or cold, the caffeine helps to provide a form of pre-workout element.

Chocolate milk

Consider the health benefits, immune system building, bone promoting, and high mark protein contents of consuming Chocolate Milk and take your body to the top with it’s valuable healthy fats and carbs post-workout.

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